Perfect bride must read: jewelry with 6 code

find one perfect for wedding dresses is not an easy thing, but when you once after you choose the most beautiful dress, there are accessories you need to make a decision--which bracelets? What kind of necklace in the shape of your very own? Before making decisions, we need to know what they can afford the budget, learn what styles of jewelry for your wedding dress. Love knot below to find out!  

1, reasonable budget

we know the beautifully unique jewelry prices are not low, so how can save some budget from other places, into jewelry accessories. For example: when selecting wedding flowers, buy locally produced flowers are much cheaper than buying imported orchids. As such, this line of thinking, you can save a portion of the costs in every aspect.

How to buy

first, can be spent on the jewelry accessories you can write that down--can withstand a maximum cost of how much is the price? Once you have a tolerance for their understanding, then you can do a process of elimination in the price bracket because, like gems, 18K, gold, Platinum, gold, silver and other materials accessories have a broad price category. In addition, borrowed from relatives and friends to look at the jewelry is also a good idea, and it could be you have always liked but not owned, antique necklace can also be a grandma.

know what styles of jewelry for your wedding dress

learn what styles of jewelry for your wedding dress

2 match, and wedding  

easiest way--to go with wedding jewellery and wedding dress color, put them together, and see if the visual harmony.

How to buy

first, see if your dress is embroidered and beaded detail, if is the best silver details to go with silver jewelry and gold dress details match the gold jewelry, so you play the echo effect, and seem more coordinated. Now, if you want to use white wedding dress, then is to understand what white wedding dress white is usually consists of: white, ivory and benbai. Once the dress is clearly tonal, finding matching jewelry will be easier.    

3, pure white dress

pure white wedding dress is suitable for Platinum jewelry, and gold accessories and bright white color conflicts.

white dress

White is not literal meaning, but is close to grey, the tone is not so bright, and so suitable for pure gold, sterling silver, rose gold, pearls and other bright accessories.

ivory dresses

featured gold jewelry, it can raise the brightness of the light cream colored fabric, the feeling of giving up.

heirloom jewelry light up dress

used the precious family heirloom jewelry not only eliminates the cost, more important is that it also means that the family good luck and best wishes, which in Europe is a traditional practice in the traditional wedding. In addition, the antique jewelry craftsmanship and technology much is now not see, match the fashion aesthetic on the wedding dress, I believe that will have lasting appeal.

How to buy

first, we can according to the ancestral jewelry depends on the material of other accessories, such as gold can be worn with gold accessories, Sterling Silver can be used with silver, bronze match the bronze. Next, on modelling was to achieve harmonization, like Deco wide bracelet with shiny linear earrings, multi-strand Pearl necklace is best for low-key Pearl Earring and, of course, want to add some more gorgeous effects, you can add an elaborate feather headdress.

love networking TIPS: don't let the heirloom jewelry is everything

If a family heirloom jewelry and your wedding dress does not match, even the most liked, and never managed to put together, in fact as well as in others like the bride bridal showers, rehearsal dinners and other formal occasions.

4, fetching fancy jewelry

a beautiful, eye-catching accessories can make the bride's temperament is new, like a delicate necklace, chandelier earrings in the shape of, an exaggerated bracelets can highlight natural and spontaneous feeling. In all, first pick an exaggerated and designer jewelry, will let you find other accessories much easier.

How to buy

when purchasing relatively auxiliary accessories, shape up to be as low key as possible, simple. In order to let accessories do not conflict, harmonization, there is a trick you can recommend it to everyone, and that is selected on the main materials and gem material with one of a kind, try not to use too much of the material.

5, know your neck line

brides must pick a prominent one by a slim advantage of wedding dresses, but if your neck is too long, or some slanting shoulder, if you want to get dressed in a low cut dress, you need to select a necklace that fits your neckline.

How to buy

wedding dresses neckline there are many, but today we have to briefly explain to the three most common, give you a necklace to beautify the neck line of thought.

6, V-neck or a tube top dress

a paragraph simple of neck chain is match heart led and stomacher dress of most security select, if again plus fine of details process on will more icing on the; and those not too decorative, strips smooth of necklace will more explicit chest line, but necklace of length should not be and chest line phase overlap, such necklace and heart led of line will has conflict sense, looks also will some strange.

v-neck dress

v-neck styling matching necklace with pendant would look good, but in the form of pendants cannot be taken to avoid and dress of contour, or mirror decorative details, which gives a focus on the vision, but is too repetitive.

cable lead

this strapless dress, best match is Princess Necklace (length necklace at the collarbone), its benefits will not give the feeling of too messy at the chest line. Necklace style is simple, then on a earrings can be worn with shining ear pendant, or large Crystal studs to compensate.

embody individuality

exaggerated fashion wherever you go, to remain low-key beautiful route, is the most important issue, your selected wedding jewelry is closest to your own personality, or is easy to some artificial, not natural feeling.

If selected

what wedding accessories can show the bride's personal characteristic? Is not difficult to do this, one of the most simple way is to ask yourself whether to feel comfortable when wearing. If you like the chandelier earrings in the shape of, then select it, if you feel uncomfortable, but a bit strange, might as well give up, because the feeling is revealed.