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Perfect happiness

Perfect happiness

39760 "shot VS the overall planning"

-enjoy exclusive photography SAR services group

exclusive-high pixel digital camera the whole shoot

-customized photo album with unique personal style, concept of professional photography, allowing you to become a different kind of best actor

-provides planning photography style, tailored for each new exclusive works of your wedding

"the whole beauty and styling"

-Group Director of exclusive image of the designer, according to your dress and changed the style of makeup and styling

-providing the bride overall shape dress 8, (Royal monarch white Royal VIP evening of two sets, two sets of two sets, Chinese clothing, Royal jungle dress set and match international branded fashion accessories                     

-provide matching bride and groom clothing 8  (matching scarves, suspenders, vests, bow ties, ties) guide the selection, professional makeup artist Director along with shooting creativity                                                                

8-providing exquisite photography makeup, styling 8 times to match the international brand fine accessories                   

-fashion-forward to a                                                              

-one gentleman groom makeup and provides three hair-styling

-exclusive shoot dress a day earlier primaries the same day

"shoot day service"

-Group Director of the exclusive photographer full one to one photography                                     

-exclusive makeup, photography, Group Director of digital services (free brides wearing false eyelashes and everything)                                                               

exclusive VIP luxury dressing room-                                                                     

-dedicated customer service staff escort service                                             

provide magazines, as well as lunch-all day


[Classic enlargements and exclusive photo frame]

1.  40*80 inch-grant to enlarge photograph (art carved photo frame this iteration of the group the ground)

2.  get a piece of 30*40-inch enlargements (European-style luxury gold box to the original ground)

3.  get a piece of 30 -inch enlargements (Taiwan oil on hand painting)

4.  gift 30*50 to enlarge a photo (Korean stereo three-dimensional Crystal lace)

(photo by DFM infrared Thermo-water-friendly materials)


take 180 Jane sample.                             &Nbsp;                      get a piece of digital film computer discs, containing a list of 180 digital short film.

18 inch diamond crystal albums a total of 10 Edition (the set of 25 into the book)

12 inch diamond crystal album version a total 10 (end of list of 25 different)

8*15 -inch fashion Crystal album version a total 10 (end of list of 25 different)

enjoy exclusive digital art director full exclusive sole design (customer effect, signed copies made)

[baby gifts]

1. 10 in fine lace Crystal phase one

2. 10 inch gold a Bailey

3. 5*10 in elegant Crystal phase one

4. 15*15-Korean movie wall three

5.  star wedding invitation 30

"marriage service"

-free marriage passport (free for life)

Hall-wedding day wedding dress wedding dresses (free rental)

-the day of the wedding dress or an evening dress wedding dress Museum (free rental)

-pastel gifts on their wedding day the bride free Liangzhuang

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